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We Still Remember You…

This August 12 Jewish intelligentsia in FSU marks 60th anniversary of a tragic date – murdering by Stalinist regime the best writers, poets, actors - members of the Jewish Antifascist Committee of the USSR. “Their art made people love, serve each other, esteem the human dignity”, wrote “Sovietish Geimland” magazine in Yiddish in 1991, the year of collapse of the Soviet Union.

The program traditionally held in the KJJC was organized by the Jewish Community and JCC KEDEM and led by Master of Arts Sergo Bengelsdorf. The Jewish library prepared an exhibition “Those Who Became a Legend”. In the memory of each and every of the killed masters a candle was lighted and Kaddish was read by Rav Reuven Schlenker from USA. Poems and prose, songs and music filled the room with a special atmosphere of human tragedy, high spirit and courage. Records of Ihil Shraibman’s voice about his killed colleagues written in Yiddish and read with translation into Russian by the writer’s widow Marina, participation of People’s Artist of Moldova Ion Josan, soloists of National Opera, theatre expert and journalist Olga Tihovscaia added emotions, expression and vividness to the program.

The last candle was lighted by Sergo Bengelsdorf in the memory of his mother poetess Liubov Vasserman, who was imprisoned for seven years in Stalinis camp and all her life hided the notebook with the poems written in the prison.