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From Generation to Generation: Archeology of the Soul

That was the main theme of the Family Camp organized by the JCC. This year a special guest visited the camp and crowned its program. Rav Meir Schlezinger, the chief rabbi of the JDC, over 20 years takes part in various educational, religious, cultural programs all over FSU countries.

“I still wonder how Jews without synagogues, Shabbat, Torah remained Jews in the Soviet Union,” says Rav Meir. “I guess this is a miracle”. In the camp Rav Schlezinger met with every age group and helped with his wisdom and experience to think and argue.

“We play a role game Publishing House”, tells the program director of the camp Nikolay Railean. “We divided participants into five groups. Altogether by the end of the camp we’ll publish a magazine. Every day is dedicated to a different topic – Shabbat, Holocaust, praying, community.”

Serghey came with his peer Daria from Yekaterinburg, Russia in the frames of madrichim exchange program between the JCCs youth clubs. “I saw here a lot of interesting methods of non-formal education. The group of organizers and conductors is very creative. I am happy to come to Kishinev camp and hope that girls from Kishinev were met in our camp in the same homey and hospitable manner as we were.”

“Here we fill as one family”, said Sarah Cohan. “We come to the camp for the 3rd year consecutive. My grandson Semen is going to Israel by Naale program. We try to observe our traditions and such festivals are of great help. “

The Publishing House form gave the opportunity to recall famous Jewish writers and journalists who worked in Bessarabia and Moldova, gave an input to learn the local Jewish heritage. In the end of his visit to the camp Rav Meir said that only “education can guarantee the future to our community that tries to keep its uniqueness in the Jewish world”.