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"Congratulations! With the Knowledge Day!”

Last Sunday, the greetings like this can often be heard in the lobby of ULIM (International University of Moldova).
Jewish youth club "Haverim" barely had time to register the participants, who came from Beltsy, Tiraspol, Rybnita to the Global Day of Jewish Learning together with the volunteers and participants of the programs of the Jewish and Israeli cultural centers, "Hesed Yehuda", Jewish Family Service, "Hillel", students and teachers of Jewish schools – altogether about 350 people.

The team of the Jewish cultural center, the main organizer of the holiday has solved tens of problems. To provide the lectors with laptops, projectors, flip charts, markers, organize coffee breaks, move from KJJC and place coolers and snacks, buy notebooks, folders, pens, print applets and forms for participants...
Program was opened and led by Michael Finckel, coordinator of “Hevruta in Moldova” project, JCC deputy director. He stressed that the Global Day was made possible thanks to support of the American Jewish "Joint" Committee in Moldova, Pincus Fund, the project "Hevruta in Moldova", the cooperation of all the Jewish organizations, and partners.


He expressed appreciation to the rector of ULIM Academician Andrei Galben, Vice Rector for International Relations ULIM Nicholae Ţiu for loyalty to the principles of tolerance, respect for the culture of different nations. Nicholae Ţiu said in greeting, it is only through knowledge and application of new technologies that such small countries as Israel and South Korea surpassed the level of economic development of strength, and the preservation of culture, attention to spiritual values is a fundamental factor in the preservation of civilization.

After the welcoming speeches and cultural program numbers (performed by remarkable musician Abraham Baltaga and young singer Marius Lupashku) the audience was divided in groups.Organizers invited the 1st Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, director of the Israeli cultural center Shmuel Polishchuk, Assistant Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and Moldova Rabbi Daniel Muntean, Rabbi Shalom David (synagogue "Hefetz Haim"), counselor at the Embassy of Hungary in Moldova Sandor Csikos, Drs. Victor Damian and Eugene Brik, MA of psychology Lyudmila Semina, a member of the Union of Cinematographers Eleanora Leoshkevich, director of ICTPD Galina Karger, Olga Levus, director of religious and educational organization "Agudat Yisrael" in Moldova Rebecca Safronova, director of Beltsy "Hesed" Polina Raspitina, a representative of the student center "Hillel" Leonid Freidkin.

The main theme of the day was "The Jewish blessing and gratitude: tradition, present and future" revealed from different perspectives: spiritual, philosophical, historical, social, psychological.

Tatiana Pascal attended the lecture by Dr. Victor Damjan and Sandor Csikos "Righteous Gentile: Mercy for Life" and was under the impression of the seen and heard. The audience was shown a film about the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who during the Second World War, being in Nazi-occupied Hungary, saved tens of thousands of Jews. This year in Europe is the Year named after Wallenberg. Mom of Mr. Csikos, working in a factory during the occupation, submitted with her documents Jewish girls, and thus they escaped the tragic fate. She never advertised this act, though by right, too, could be worthy of the title "righteous gentile."
Historian Igor Bresker from Rybnitsa attended a seminar "Israel: information war and the blessing of God", who was led by Leonid Freidkin.

“Everything about the Promised Land touches us deeply”, he said. “The lecturer was well prepared to engage, used video to show how bravely confronts Israel the Islamic Jihad. Against this small country runs a strong information machine that uses a variety of methods to set the world against the Jewish people.”
“What lectures you visited?” we asked Gabriel Volovské. “Along with Rabbi Shalom I sought happiness” was the answer. The theme was: "The formula of happiness."
“And did you find this formula?”
“Of course! The principle is simple: to be grateful and content with what you have!”

After the theoretical part and a coffee break, participants discussed the future of the community. This time participants of the project not only listened to speeches of rabbis, leaders and representatives of the Jewish organizations, scientists, psychologists, but also they could show their own imagination, ability to reason and think. In the second part of the program audience, divided into 11 groups, was asked to reflect on the theme "How do we see our community in 10 years?" Someone, of course, was the pessimistic, but most offered these or that ways how to move to a prosperous community: through assistance to the poor, support for the elderly, education and leadership development programs for youth and middle age, the unification of the community on the principles of charity and the involvement of people with experience and resources, the fight against anti-Semitism...

“We are grateful to everyone who supported our program and who came to be with us today”, said Michael Finckel. “We are sure that such a wonderful and perspective project will continue and we’ll take part in every program of the Global Day of Jewish Learning!”