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JCC KEDEM New Project - "Makorok": Inspired by Jewish texts

"In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth ..." so begins the book of Genesis, so start Jewish texts that composed the Torah, Tanah, Talmud. These fundamental books not only for the Jewish people, but for the whole of Western civilization, inspired for centuries philosophers, musicians, poets, painters, sculptors.
And now, a few years ago in a small Israeli settlement Emek Hefer, an idea to unite the power of these texts with the power of today's youth energy was born, and "Makorok" project was established, which was combined from two words: "Makor" - in Hebrew "source" and rock, as musical direction. The project first became popular locally, and then across the country.
In June of this year, the World Conference of the Jewish Community Centers in Budapest, held under the patronage of the JCC Global, Caracas (Venezuela). Bucharest (Romania), New Jersey (USA) and our KEDEM joined the initiative of this project. At the suggestion of a proactive Chisinau, which JCC KEDEM senior staff members Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel represented, the project received the name of Global Mackorok updated and expanded its borders from only rock music to any - chamber, classical, jazz, and even singing, choreography, visual arts .

Now for the next two years in the cycle September-June study of the Jewish texts for teenagers from 12 to 19 years will be held in five scattered over thousands of kilometers from each other centers, and then inspired by their depth and brilliance, ambiguity, and mystery, they will create their own music, dances, work, songs and pictures. Exhibition of the best works and concerts of the best numbers will be held in late May-early June. Professional musicians, artists, choreographers are attracted to conduct master classes as well as specialists in the field of Jewish tradition and history for teaching texts.
Colleagues from five countries are in constant contact, developing a common approach and strategy for the project implementation, sharing experiences and advising each other. The project is not easy, it requires considerable efforts on the organization, logistics, financing, but the participants are confident that neither the distance nor the differences in languages, cultures, or other factors will not become an obstacle for the realization of a really attractive and inspiring idea of Makorok.
We, for our part, will keep readers abreast of developments and report on the progress of the project and share participants’ opinions. Until the next news!