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Developing Jewish International Partnership

During November 1-6 Amitim projects Conference and JCC Global Conference took place in Jerusalem. On behalf of ten JCC KEDEM the leadership of the organization took part in these important events that gathered over 400 delegates from 25 countries.
The main issue discussed on the 1st Conference was development of seven international projects run by 27 JCCs from FSU, Israel, North America and Europe in the frames of Amitim program. Our Center is conducting ‘Global MecoRock-My Voice’ project together with JCCs in Emek Hefer, Caracas and New Jersey. 
The next event put many important questions as destiny of Jews in modern Europe, integration in Israel, Jewish Art in the modern world, included meetings with key people in the sphere of culture, politics, visits to the art schools, museums, JCCs in Jerusalem.

The program was crowned by a nice closing event at the Biblical Museum of Jerusalem where kids from MecoRock project from Moldova, Venezuela and Israel performed very nice presenting some of the pieces thy created during the 1st year of the project work and even a new thing created just during the week they spent together at Emek Hefer at the seminar that took place in parallel with the “adult” Conferences.