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Business School Continues its Studies

On September 10 the second session of Dr. Simkhovich’s Business School started at the KJJC. The first one, held last spring, was very successful. This time over 60 people passed through interviews to join the list of new students.

The festive program was opened by Ilia Shats, KJJC Director, who said: “A year ago when we started discussion of the future project with Dr. Simkhovitch he was far from optimism. Now he has no choice. He is a real captain of this team of students. He is the Chair of the KJJC Board. He is an insider already. I am sure the second course will be even more successful than the first one. I wish you success in learning and practicing business.”

Students were happy to hear that Yakov Tikhman, one the most famous and successful Jewish businessmen in Moldova and Head of the Republican Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities, agreed to give lectures at the Business School. In the same way, Shabbatay Hanukaev, leader of Caucasian Jews in Moldova agreed to participate and also Roman Aronov, a businessman and Master of Law.

Speeches on behalf of the groups of students and professors were alternated with nice concert pieces. And after the official part of the ceremony the first lecture of the course was given.

In a few months we hope that a new generation of people qualified in business theory and skills will graduate from the already famous in Kishinev Dr. Simkhovich’s Business School.