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History of Bessarabia Jewry: From Tragedy to Hope

In November the 6th consecutive meeting in the frames of the project “Hevruta in Moldovatook place. History is usually interesting for all ages and generations. History of the Jewish community in Moldova numbers hundreds of years. Our lectors demonstrated it through a prism.

In the 1st case as Efim Goldshmidt did it was through photo materials that imprinted material traces of the Jewish population life – private homes, synagogues, former heders and cemeteries.

In the 2nd Dr. Irina Shihova told and showed documents and photos of the history of a Jewish family (Valeovich) that are carefully kept in the KJJC Museum. The story covered one of the most sad and difficult period of time – since the end of 19th century up to the World War II – time of bloody pogroms, mass Jewish emigration from Bessarabia, poverty, revolutions and threshold of Holocaust.

“The story of the family that we heard today is rather typical for our country”, told one of the listeners. “I estimate today meeting as one step more that does not allow forgetting the past to move further in the future.”