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New Experience for JCC Professionals

During March 25-29 in Maale-ha-Hamisha near Jerusalem the 1st Conference on the Jewish Informal Education took place. The initiative of the Conference conducting belongs to the Fund Genesis and JAFI; it was also supported by Habad, Hillel, Joint and Nativ organizations.
Over 120 people, mostly from the FSU countries took part in the forum. Five people represented Moldova including Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM Deputy Director, and Efim Goldhmidt, JCC design projects manager.

“The program was very intensive and interesting"", told Efim. “It included exchange of opinions, meetings and discussions held by famous and authoritative people in the sphere of the Jewish education like Rav Adin Steinzaltz, excursions to Yad-va-Shem, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, northern part of Israel. It was also nice to meet many old friends and colleagues like Emilia Slezinger and Yigal Kotler, former JDC representatives in Moldova.”

“The Conference gave a unique opportunity to check our own experience, think about importance of the Jewish non-formal education itself and implementation of new methodology and ideas in our future work”, shared impressions Michael Finckel. “Presence on the Conference of Yuli Edelstein, Minister of Propaganda and Diaspora, Natan Eitan, general director of Yad-va-Shem, leaders of the Genesis Fund, JAFI, presentations by Avraam Infeld, Rav Steinsalz, Dr. Shneer, Dov Kontorer and many others demonstrates the high level of the Conference and attention to this event.”