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15 Years of Care and Charity

The history of Kishinev Welfare center “Hesed Yehuda” started in the middle of 1990s with the return of “Joint” to the FSU countries. Our Kishinev center was among the very first welfare services for the elderly and needy Jews from over 150 that are active in the FSU.
The word ‘hesed’ means charity in Hebrew, and now over 1,700 people in Kishinev, southern and central parts of the country receive its services in the frames of over 15 various programs like Food, Medicines, Homecare, Day Center, Winter Relief, Hesed Mobile, etc. Over 30% of the patrons are Nazi victims and veterans of the World War II.
Significant figures of over $13 millions invested through Hesed to the welfare programs and over 5,600 people who received this or that service during the 15-years period shows the special meaning and place that Hesed occupies in the Jewish community. Basing on Kishinev Hesed tow more were opened in 1997 Tirapol and Beltsy now serving the Transnistria region and northern part of the country.


However “Hesed Yehuda” is not a closed organization. It cooperates with many other NGOs of the country exchanging experience and executing joint projects.
All these reasons made the celebration of Hesed’s 15th Anniversary one of the brightest events of the KJJC life of the last time. Firstly a brass band concert on the Open Air attracted guests of the festival. Later about0 300 people witnessed a 1.5 hour program with nice songs, reminiscences of the people who started Hesed activities, greetings from the Moldovan Government, leaders of the Jewish organizations and partners that took place in the Theatre Hall.
“We are so thankful to Hesed”, confessed with tears on the eyes one of its patrons, “For 15 years it was helping us to survive and now it is still helping us to live…”