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Happy Birthday, Mr. Jacobs!

In October 2013 Mr. Irwin Jacobs was 80. Really self-made man, engineer, businessman, philanthropist and what is most important for us – the main donor of foundation of the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus in 2005.  

On behalf of Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus organizations we have the honor and are pleased to congratulate Mr. Jacobs with the nice jubilee!

Along with many people in the world we are honored to be beneficiaries of his philanthropic efforts and kind heart deeds.

We are happy and proud to inform that during over eight years of the KJJC existence and activities it became the most popular and famous ethnic center in Kishinev that runs over 50 welfare, educational and cultural programs and 100 mass events that attract annually over 6,000 people.

With warmth and gratitude we remember all the visits of Irwin Jacobs and his family members to the Campus and will always be happy to meet again.

We wish Irwin, Joan, their sons and grandsons health, peace, and realization of ideas and dreams.

Ad Mea Ve Esrim! Up to 120!