Missions http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2 Mon, 16 Jul 2018 08:32:01 +0300 en-gb efim@jewish.md (jewish.md) Joshua Nelson – Kosher Gospel Prince, a Special Project by the KJJC http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/688-joshua-nelson-kosher-gospel-prince-a-special-project-by-the-kjjc http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/688-joshua-nelson-kosher-gospel-prince-a-special-project-by-the-kjjc The project “Gospel Music in Moldova” initiated by the USA Embassy in Moldova and realized by the JCC KEDEM resulted to be more than successful. It was a visit by Joshua Nelson, Prince of Kosher Gospel, and a famous musician from USA who combines in his art Jewish and Afro-American traditions. More than this, Joshua has got his roots in Romania as his Jewish mothers’ mom came to the States from this country.
The program itself included three concerts in the National Philharmonic of Moldova, Beltsy and Rybnitsa Palaces of Culture where totally about 1,500 people admired the creation art of the singer and musician. Also Joshua Nelson gave master-classes and held meetings with the students of Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts, Theater Lyceum and Slavic University in Chisinau,   University named after A. Russo in Beltsy and Pridnestrovian University in Rybnitsa for over 250 people in total. The program included interviews for three TV Channels in Chisinau and Rybnitsa. During his stay Mr. Nelson was offered tours of all the three cities and reception by the Ambassador of USA in Moldova.

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American Jewish Committee Visits KJJC http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/681-american-jewish-committee-visits-kjjc http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/681-american-jewish-committee-visits-kjjc “ July 11 was marked at the KJJC by a high delegation visit of the leaders of the American Jewish Committee headed by John M. Shapiro, AJC President, David Harris, AJC Executive Director, and Matthew Bronfman, Board of Trustees Chair.
Program of the visit to Moldova included meetings with the highest officials of the country, Ambassador of USA in Moldova, programs at the Memorial to Chisinau Pogrom Victims of 1903 and Memorial to Nazi Victims.
Visit to the Campus inspired the delegation members and they emphasized the importance of work with the young generations for the future of the Jewish community. At the campus delegation was met by the leadership of the local AJJDC office and JCC KEDEM.

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“Holocaust Accumulated All Genocides” http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/664-holocaust-accumulated-all-genocides http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/664-holocaust-accumulated-all-genocides On February 11 JCC KEDEM hosted a meeting with Paul Shapiro, Director of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington. The impressive portfolio of our guest includes BA degree in Government from Harvard University; a Master of International Affairs degree and a Master of Philosophy degree in History from Columbia University.  He has been a Fulbright scholar, an IREX scholar, and a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Eurasian Studies at The George Washington University.  He is the recipient of the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (2010) and the Order of Merit-Commander Class of the Republic of Romania (2009).

Mr. Shapiro served in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the United States Information Agency and Department of State, where he was responsible for the Fulbright Fellowship Program and other major international exchange programs.  Earlier, he was an Editor of the journal Problems of Communism and Editor in Chief of the Journal of International Affairs.  Mr. Shapiro served as a consultant to the Board for International Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty, and the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI).  He performed the historical research that led to the denaturalization and deportation of the Romanian Archbishop of the United States, a former fascist leader in Romania, which was the first case, brought to successful conclusion by the OSI.

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More than Just Partners http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/653-more-than-just-partners http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/653-more-than-just-partners Over three years ago a new Peace Corps volunteer joined JCC KEDEM team. It was just at the celebration of the US Independence Day when we said a warm farewell to the previous Peace Corps volunteer Ohad Sternberg.
Carl Donovan, an experienced consultant in finances and economy, became the third PC volunteer in the Jewish Center after Ohad and Adam Goodberg. All these three absolutely different but extremely enthusiastic, open, willing to do and improve, consult, act and change left a significant trace in the heart and activities of the JCC.
During this significant period of time JCC KEDEM became more than just business partner with the Peace Corps, its volunteers and leadership are regular and beloved guests at many JCC events and programs. And personal relations with “our” volunteers also turned to be more similar to friendship.

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Farewell to Moldova by Max Daniel, JDC ENTWINE Volunteer http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/644-farewell-to-moldova-by-max-daniel-jdc-entwine-volunteer http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/644-farewell-to-moldova-by-max-daniel-jdc-entwine-volunteer After nine months of working with and living among the Jewish communities in Moldova, I am sad to leave the place and people that have been like a second home and family to me, and I will miss this city and country. But as I think about my time here, I look back with pleasure and joy.
Supported by the local and international JDC branches, I spent most of my time at JCC KEDEM, working with them and the different organizations located here. My weekly Hesed English classes, with its wonderful group of elderly students, taught me more than I taught them. Their excitement and enthusiasm made the class a highlight of my week. I also spent time with the youth club Haverim and helped them practice English and learn about American culture, and I got to know the young Jewish leaders here in Kishinev. I also enjoyed working with ICTPD, teaching English and business classes, developing classroom workbooks, as well as helping with various Jewish educational and holiday programming. Through the museum, I was also able to teach a few classes on Yiddish language and culture and explore the rich and deep heritage and intellectual legacy of Bessarabian Jewry. It was a great pleasure getting to know my colleagues from all the different groups, as well as my students, and I learned a lot about life in Moldova today.
Aside from work, I participated in local Jewish life and events, and I felt like part of the community. By meeting people from Chabad, the Jewish schools, the Jewish Agency, Moishe House, and elsewhere, I got to see the wide variety of the vibrant Jewish life in this city. I met people who are committed to seeing a lively and active present and future for Jews in Moldova, despite difficult circumstances, and work tirelessly toward their vision. I wish all my friends here great success and happiness in the future, and I look forward to visiting again sometime soon!”
We also wish Max successes in his personal and professional development, a long, vibrant and interesting life and thank him for all the good deeds and ideas he succeeded to realize while staying with us at the KJJC.

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New Connections Overseas http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/641-new-connections-overseas http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/641-new-connections-overseas During March 11-12 JCC KEDEM received an interesting and very nice guest’s visit. Kayla Green, a third-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania came to Moldova with a group of colleagues who gave a series of presentations in various towns and settlements of the country on topics connected with Immigration issues. But Kayla had a special mission during the visit.
“As an American Jew with Bessarabian roots, my visit to the JCC Kedem was both a homecoming and a history lesson. I was struck by the hospitality of the JCC staff as well as the institutionalized knowledge of local Jewish life throughout history”, she said.
Kayla gave three additional presentations at two Jewish lyceums of Chisinau and one at the KJJC for IRIM university students. This meeting was organized thanks to efforts of the Center of Training of the KJJC. 
Kayla graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Tulane University with a degree in Judaic Studies, having completed a thesis on global comparative Holocaust portrayal. Last year, Kayla was an Associate Editor on the Journal of International Law, President of the Jewish Law Student Association, and Director of the International Human Rights Advocates. Kayla spent her fall semester at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland. She received the Salzburg Cutler Fellowship for her essay, “Illuminating the Black Hole: An Analysis on the Impact of Red Cross Inaction during the Holocaust on its current Approach to Humanitarian Action” which seeks to evaluate the impact of the ICRC’s regret for its moral failure during the Holocaust on its current approach to humanitarian action. 

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Meeting with Netanyahu at the KJJC http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/633-meeting-with-netanyahu-at-the-kjjc http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/633-meeting-with-netanyahu-at-the-kjjc On Nov. 28 a special guest came to the KJJC. It was Iddo Netanyahu, Israeli physician, playwright and younger brother of the Prime-Minister of Israel. Of course, the meeting attracted a lot of people. Michael Finckel, who led the meeting, asked Iddo about the history of his family, his creative plans, impressions of Moldova, personal political and social thoughts about present and future of the State of Israel. Also people from the audience got the chance to ask questions. There many some about “Happy End” play that Iddo brought to Chisinau theatre festival, destiny of Yiddish culture and language, his preferences in literature, etc.
Iddo Netanyahu showed himself as a very intelligent, mild and deep personality who very politely but firmly expressed his position and views. In the end Stella Harmelina thanked Iddo for his time and meeting and granted a symbolic gift on behalf of the JCC KEDEM and Jews of Moldova.

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Cultural Partnership: We can do a Lot! http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/617-cultural-partnership-we-can-do-a-lot http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/617-cultural-partnership-we-can-do-a-lot On May 27 by initiative of the JCC KEDEM a meeting with the main partners of the JCC took place. Such kind of forum took place for the first time gathering about 25 people representing at once Moldova state official structures (Ministry of Culture, Union of Composers, National Philharmonic, Municipal Dpt. of Education, Youth and Sports), foreign diplomatic missions (eight embassies were present), international NGOs (Peace Corps, JDC, UNESCO), business community (“Hendrix-Bail” company): 
Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, and Michael Finckel, JCC manager in finances and administration greeted the audience and told about the most successful experience in realizations joint projects of the last years. This impressive list included musical competition named after Zlata Tkach, concerts and festivals, Holocaust memorial programs, cycle of programs dedicated to Kishinev pogrom in 2013, Tolerance club activities and Museum projects.

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Partnership with Sweden http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/595-partnership-with-sweden http://jewish.md/news-mainmenu-2/595-partnership-with-sweden On November 7 Ms. Ingrid Tersman, Ambassador of Sweden in Moldova, visited the KJJC. Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM Deputy Director, met our high guest. During the visit  saw the Museum of the Jewish Heritage of Bessarabia, she was deeply impressed by the information about the KJJC organizations activities as well as by new exhibition opened recently in the frames of Bessarabia Jewish Renewal concept and photos of old synagogues of Moldova.

One of the central issues of the meeting became partnership between our institutions and the nearest aim is cooperation on planning the UN Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory in January 2014.

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