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High Guest in the KJJC

On December 14, 2007 Mr. Oscars Kastens, Latvia Special Assignment Minister for Social Integration, visited KJJC accompanied by representative of the Moldova Bureau of Interethnic Relations.
During the goodwill visit Mr. Kastens got acquainted with the main activities of “Hesed Yehuda”, Jewish Family Service, Jewish Cultural Center, and other KJJC organizations, as well as with the history of this wonderful building.
“I was happy to visit your wonderful Center, it is really amazing,” wrote Mr. Kastens in KJJC guest book. “I will tell about your work and community in Riga and hopefully we can contact with each other and develop nice and friendly relations between two Jewish communities and between Jews and Latvians in Moldova.”

Jewish Relief Mission: We Help Each Other

For the last three years World Jewish Relief organization (WJR, Great Britain) remains one of the most reliable partners of the Jewish Community of Moldova. Regular shipments with humanitarian aid two new minivans brought to facilitate Jewish welfare programs in Moldova are the sign and proof of close partnership.

During November 4-6, 2007 WJR mission headed by Paul Anticoni, WJR CEO, came to Moldova. As always intensive program included home visits to Hesed clients in the town of Beltsy, Jewish Family Service integrative camp for disabled children, Kishinev Jewish kindergarten and KJJC.

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Mission Impossible Completed

In October 2007 a group of World Jewish Relief (Great Britain) staff and volunteers Jimmy and Philippa Strauss, Roz Bluestone, Laurence Ackerman, Natalie Baskin, Rosalind Beckman, Stephen Lewis came to Moldova with a special mission. The long-term partnership between WJR and the Jewish community of Moldova got a new turn. This time two new vans Renault Traffic were brought through Europe to Moldova crossing six borders. These wonderful vans will be used for the clients with limited mobility served by Hesed Yehuda and Jewish Family Service (JFS).

Intensive program of the mission included home visits to Hesed and JFS clients, meetings with the Jewish businessmen and leaders of the Boards and Jewish organizations, participation in the traditional Moldova holiday – Day of Wine, tour of the KJJC, friendly football match with the local Maccabi team, and bright Kabbalat Shabbat together with the KJJC staff and guests.

Of course, the ceremony of presentation vans to Hesed and JFS became the climax of the program.

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JHI mission is going on in Moldova

KJJC Center of Training and Professional Development in collaboration with the JHI mission (Jewish Healthcare International) and Ministry of Health of Moldova have accomplished a number of educational-consulting programs.
Physicians from Israel and USA Paul Heart, Offir Paz, Eugeny Khazanov and Irina Litinsky have conducted five workshops for doctors and social assistants of the Jewish and non-Jewish organizations of Kishinev, Beltsy and Transdniestrian towns, where they educated over 150 of people. In the framework of the workshops for doctors, there were conducted subject-matter lectures and presentations, which discovered new directions of diagnostics and treatment in the area of cardiology, rheumatology and gastrology.
Doctors from USA and Israel have also conducted consultations for the clients of “Hesed”, and teachers and parents of the students of the lyceum named after Rambam. Their stay in Moldova also included participation in International Conference and a lot of other informal meetings.
The project of the JHI mission, which was started by the instrumentality of “Joint”, is successfully operating in the CIS for eight years already.

Greensboro – Beltsy: Seven Years of Partnership

During June 27- July 9, 2007 Greensboro (North Carolina, USA) mission visited Moldova to take part in DELET-7 Summer Retreat and visit Kishinev and Beltsy Jewish communities. This time the mission consisted of 11 people headed by Deborah Kintzing.
The retreat itself was dedicated to symbolic for the Jewish People seventh year of partnership. Over 110 people took part in the retreat program.
“We were happy to meet old friends and find new”, said Bella from Beltsy. “We are always happy to see our guests and partners from Greensboro and are waiting for these meetings every year.”
This time the diversified program included discussions and lectures on the Jewish topics, sports activities, art and craft classes, tour on Dniester river, and of course Shabbat – one of the brightest event that united all the participants.

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