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"Thank you for letting me help..."

These words of Lauren Zimet, Speech pathologist from the USA, can serve a motto of the June 14-21, 2007, out-of-the-rut JHI mission to Moldova. This time it was 100% childcare oriented (and not geriatric as in most other cases). On the recommendation of the JDC, it was devoted to a NES Program Let My Children Grow and synchronized with the Integration Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs.

The team included two Israelis - Miri Ratson, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Inbar Kremer, Child Psychologist as well as three Americans - Susan Orloff, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Lauren Zimet, Speech Pathologist with her daughter Brooke, 7.

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Guests from Great Britain

On June 5 delegation of 25 Jews from Great Britain – The Jewish Identity Group – visited KJJC. The group came to Moldova through Romania as they were looking for the roots and history of the local Jewish communities.

The group joined other 200 people in the KJJC Theater hall for a wonderful klezmer music concert prepared by the Jewish library and JCC KEDEM. Brilliant and masterly violin of Vladimir Goihman, leader of “Freigish” klezmer band, songs in Yiddish and Ladino performed by Alla Derezko, soloist of the band, really touched the souls of people.

The second part of the concert became a kind of benefit of one of the most famous and talented local klezmer singers – Yefim Chiorny and his Theater of the Jewish Song. The audience was fascinated by Yefim’s moving and expressive manner of performance, strong voice and personal charm and charisma.

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Jewish Healthcare International Mission

A current JHI mission worked in Moldova on March 11-19, 2007 pursuing 3 tracks: palliative care, using rehabilitation equipment, and nursing. The team included seven persons: Dr. Michaela Bercovici, Oncologist and Palliativist (Israel), Mrs. Shani Rosenfeld, Occupational Therapist (Israel), Mrs. Roxane Fulop, Rehab Equipment Trainer (Israel), Ms. Ella Koren, PhD, Nurse (Israel), Ms. Ann Shinder, Nurse (Israel), Ms. Ptlene Minick, Ph.D, Nurse (Atlanta, Georgia), Ms. Honey Bernstein, Photographer (Atlanta, Georgia).

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Mr. Avigdor Liberman Meets Jewish Youth in KJJC

On 5th of April, Vice-Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Minister of Strategic Affairs Mr. Avigdor Liberman conducted a meeting with the Jewish youth in the KJJC, by invitation of Hllel.
The meeting was organized by initiative of Lidya Zambilovich, Director of Hillel Jewish Students’ Organization in Moldova. The meeting gave an opportunity to the Jewish youth to converse with Mr. Liberman and ask him questions concerning current situation in Israel.
Living in Diaspora, Jewish students are vividly interested in opinion of our famous compatriot, in many different matters and issues. Young people put many interesting questions to Mr. Liberman, some of which were quite critical and even ticklish.

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Developing Partnership with WJR

During February 26-March 1, 2007 Mr. Paul Anticoni, World Jewish Relief (WJR, Great Britain) CEO, visited the Jewish community of Moldova. WJR is one of the main supporters of Moldova Jewry having sent a lot of shipments with clothes, shoes, food, glasses, toys for over $1,000,000 since 2004.

Mr. Anticoni visited two biggest communities - in Kishinev and Beltsy. He got acquainted with the leaders and programs of JCC KEDEM, Hillel Students’ Organization, Jewish Library, Jewish Family Service, welfare center “Hesed Yehuda”, as well as with local Jewish businessmen and non-Jewish NGOs that cooperate with their Jewish homologues.

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