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Mr. Avigdor Liberman's visit to KJJC

On November 24 Mr. Avigdor Liberman, vice-prime minister of the State of Israel, conducted a meeting with the leadership of the Jewish community of Moldova at the KJJC. The meeting took place in the frames of Mr. Liberman’s unofficial visit. It was organized by “Evreiskoe Mestechko” (‘The Jewish Shtettle’) newspaper and Welfare Foundation ‘Dor le Dor”.
Mr. Liberman informed about the situation in Israel, his views on the main questions of Israeli politics and future development, possible ways of solving economic and political problems on the Middle East. Then he answered questions asked by journalists, scientists and representatives of various local Jewish organizations.
“I was in the Campus a year ago, the main thing is that solemn moments passed, and today there is a feeling of a real life, a real fullness. Only the fact that on Friday in the afternoon we gathered and talk here, everything I hear and see confirms that the life and activities in the KJJC develop. And this is the most important. – said Avigdor Liberman. – I express my gratitude to “Evreiskoe Mestechko” newspaper and KJJC administration for the possibility to hold this meeting.”