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“Jewish communities in the USA can learn from you”

During January 7-10, 2007, Mr. Doron Krakow, United Jewish Communities Senior Vice-President, stood in Moldova with a visit. The official part included acquaintance with the programs supported by JDC and JAFI in Kishinev and Beltsy, home visits to Jewish Family Service and Hesed clients, tour of the Jewish Kishinev. The last day of the visit was dedicated to Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus programs. But this was not all.
“I came to Kishinev to search for the birthplace of my grandfather. – told Doron. – Sadly, all that there was of my family history is likely gone – the house, the street, the graves. But I will not leave Kishinev in sadness... What I have seen is an inspiration. A Campus that is a second home to Kishinev Jews. Though only one year old it has the warmth and the humanity that sometimes takes many years to develop. You can see it on the faces of the children, you can feel it in the spirit of the staff and you can hear it in the voices of the Hesed clients.”

Mr. Doron came with his niece Hagit who recently finished her military service in Israeli army and lives in Jerusalem. She was deeply impressed of what she saw in the Campus. “I learned from my uncle that my grandfather is from Kishinev, and I am so proud today to say that my roots belong here. It’s so good to see how many people are able to open their hearts and give to others and devote themselves to the community. You are a trigger to the Jewish community in the world and I hope to be more like you”, - confessed Hagit.
“I came to Kishinev believing that I already understand the work of the Joint and the state of Jewish life in the FSU. I came here certain that my heart was already full of pride and appreciation for what we do. – continued Mr. Krakow.But I return home knowing that I was wrong. Because my heart is fuller than I could have hoped. And my pride is overflowing. Thank you for all you do – and for all that is yet to be done.”