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Developing Partnership with WJR

During February 26-March 1, 2007 Mr. Paul Anticoni, World Jewish Relief (WJR, Great Britain) CEO, visited the Jewish community of Moldova. WJR is one of the main supporters of Moldova Jewry having sent a lot of shipments with clothes, shoes, food, glasses, toys for over $1,000,000 since 2004.

Mr. Anticoni visited two biggest communities - in Kishinev and Beltsy. He got acquainted with the leaders and programs of JCC KEDEM, Hillel Students’ Organization, Jewish Library, Jewish Family Service, welfare center “Hesed Yehuda”, as well as with local Jewish businessmen and non-Jewish NGOs that cooperate with their Jewish homologues.

Official part of the visit included meeting with the Ambassador of Her Majesty in Moldova Mr. John Beyer, who was present at the ceremony of WJR humanitarian aid distribution in 2006 at the KJJC.

“I worked for 12 years in the British Red Cross and participated in programs throughout Africa, Kosovo, South East Asia, and led the response to the Tsunami. Concerning FSU countries, I was in Ulan-Ude, Russian Siberian city. – told Paul.I spent only 3 days in Moldova. It is difficult to understand everything in the frames of so short visit, but I am impressed of what I have seen.”

Mr. Anticoni confessed that the Jewish Campus in Kishinev created the biggest impression upon him.

“Why is Kishinev Campus different from all others?

 A great combination of services
 A professional and passionate team of staff and volunteers
 A participative and grateful clientele
 A healthy future!

Well done.”
– wrote Paul in KJJC Guest Book.