Jewish Healthcare International Mission

A current JHI mission worked in Moldova on March 11-19, 2007 pursuing 3 tracks: palliative care, using rehabilitation equipment, and nursing. The team included seven persons: Dr. Michaela Bercovici, Oncologist and Palliativist (Israel), Mrs. Shani Rosenfeld, Occupational Therapist (Israel), Mrs. Roxane Fulop, Rehab Equipment Trainer (Israel), Ms. Ella Koren, PhD, Nurse (Israel), Ms. Ann Shinder, Nurse (Israel), Ms. Ptlene Minick, Ph.D, Nurse (Atlanta, Georgia), Ms. Honey Bernstein, Photographer (Atlanta, Georgia).

The program of the mission was intensive as usually. It included seminars, a 40-hour training course for the physicians and nurses both from the organizations collaborating with the Hesed and from Hesed homecare service in Kishinev, Beltsy and Tiraspol, meetings with the heads of the two National Palliative Associations, meetings with the heads of the Jewish organizations and agencies, home visits to Hesed clients and cultural program - an evening with Hesed volunteers in their Warm Home and Kabbalat Shabbat with Hillel.
Natalia Alkhazova, JHI coordinator in Moldova said: “Both the guests and the local medical professionals - found the seminars extremely productive. In the end, everybody stated that the week in Moldova was exceedingly rewarding. All the mission members expressed their readiness to continue the collaboration. The following working mission in Kishinev is scheduled for May 6-13, 2007.”