Mr. Avigdor Liberman Meets Jewish Youth in KJJC

On 5th of April, Vice-Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Minister of Strategic Affairs Mr. Avigdor Liberman conducted a meeting with the Jewish youth in the KJJC, by invitation of Hllel.
The meeting was organized by initiative of Lidya Zambilovich, Director of Hillel Jewish Students’ Organization in Moldova. The meeting gave an opportunity to the Jewish youth to converse with Mr. Liberman and ask him questions concerning current situation in Israel.
Living in Diaspora, Jewish students are vividly interested in opinion of our famous compatriot, in many different matters and issues. Young people put many interesting questions to Mr. Liberman, some of which were quite critical and even ticklish.

Vice-Prime Minister congratulated everybody with Pesach and described the current situation in Israel and his personal opinion about Middle-East problems and ways to settle them. After that, he invited everybody to discussion. Students did not keep him waiting, and questions poured down one after another.
By opinion of Mr. Avigdor Liberman, Israel is going through the most critical points of its history. And our Jewish youth is that detachment, the mission of which is to change for the better the course of events in a World history. “That is the task we set to our youth” – said Mr. Liberman.
As regards the problem of Arab-Israeli conflict, “the crux of the problem is of two kinds. First of all, there is no exactly “Arab-Israeli conflict”, but this is a conflict of civilizations. Secondly, in any situation, where two nations, two languages, two religions meet – clashes and conflicts are unavoidable.”
That was a great initiative of Hillel – to organize such an informal conversation of Jewish youth with our famous compatriot. Appealing to his words, our young people will change the course of events for the better. And, as we can see, they are sharply interested in all matters concerning Israel and are ready to be of help.