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"Thank you for letting me help..."

These words of Lauren Zimet, Speech pathologist from the USA, can serve a motto of the June 14-21, 2007, out-of-the-rut JHI mission to Moldova. This time it was 100% childcare oriented (and not geriatric as in most other cases). On the recommendation of the JDC, it was devoted to a NES Program Let My Children Grow and synchronized with the Integration Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs.

The team included two Israelis - Miri Ratson, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Inbar Kremer, Child Psychologist as well as three Americans - Susan Orloff, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Lauren Zimet, Speech Pathologist with her daughter Brooke, 7.

The highlight was working with 32 young clients in the Camp and at Camp staff orientation seminar, but there were also Beltsy and Tiraspol trips to give pediatric seminars (35 and 36 persons correspondingly) and provide 17) kid home visits and consulting.

In the KJJC Children Day Center successful was examining kids with special needs and talking to their parents. At dinner with Stella Harmelina, JCC “KEDEM” Director, the JHI mission members expressed their joy of meeting the local community and best wishes for its development.

“This has been an incredible experience. I had heard that it would be a ‘transforming’ time - but your kindness and care has made this even more meaningful”, said Susan Orloff:

Inbar Kremer wrote: “A few days ago we did not know each other, but after working so close together we are a great team. You may continue to give the ‘Play Therapy’ lecture without me”.

Miri Ratson: “I hope the children, parents and professionals got something from our work here this week”.