JHI mission is going on in Moldova

KJJC Center of Training and Professional Development in collaboration with the JHI mission (Jewish Healthcare International) and Ministry of Health of Moldova have accomplished a number of educational-consulting programs.
Physicians from Israel and USA Paul Heart, Offir Paz, Eugeny Khazanov and Irina Litinsky have conducted five workshops for doctors and social assistants of the Jewish and non-Jewish organizations of Kishinev, Beltsy and Transdniestrian towns, where they educated over 150 of people. In the framework of the workshops for doctors, there were conducted subject-matter lectures and presentations, which discovered new directions of diagnostics and treatment in the area of cardiology, rheumatology and gastrology.
Doctors from USA and Israel have also conducted consultations for the clients of “Hesed”, and teachers and parents of the students of the lyceum named after Rambam. Their stay in Moldova also included participation in International Conference and a lot of other informal meetings.
The project of the JHI mission, which was started by the instrumentality of “Joint”, is successfully operating in the CIS for eight years already.