Jewish Relief Mission: We Help Each Other

For the last three years World Jewish Relief organization (WJR, Great Britain) remains one of the most reliable partners of the Jewish Community of Moldova. Regular shipments with humanitarian aid two new minivans brought to facilitate Jewish welfare programs in Moldova are the sign and proof of close partnership.

During November 4-6, 2007 WJR mission headed by Paul Anticoni, WJR CEO, came to Moldova. As always intensive program included home visits to Hesed clients in the town of Beltsy, Jewish Family Service integrative camp for disabled children, Kishinev Jewish kindergarten and KJJC.

Members of the group were deeply impressed both by severs cases and needs of people in Moldova and at the same time hospitality and development of new projects and efforts that are being made last time to cope with theses problems and give new push to the community life.

“A magnificent statement of the thriving spirit of the Jewish Community in Moldova. Our WJR Mission to Moldova has underlined how we can play our role in helping wonderful centers like KJJC develop and prosper”, said Gerry Samuels, mission participant, Ex-chairman of the WJR Business Breakfast committee.

“I have been so impressed with all that I have seen today on my visit to KJJC. The building and facilities are wonderful and provide the most marvelous opportunities to so many members of the community to come together and receive so much help in the way of love, care, warmth. The staff here has a fabulous understanding of the people they work with. They do a wonderful job and I have been amazed by what I have seen”, told Alexandra Lavery.