A Current JHI Mission: Pediatric before Geriatric

Every mission of Jewish Healthcare International is in a way special and the last one, which took place on June 16-23, was no exception to the rule. It included 3 doctors: Rodica Goichman, psychiatrist from Israel, originally from the neighboring Romania; Erin Klein, an Occupational Therapist from Toronto (Canada was represented in JHI for the first time) whose grandparents had been from Romania; Steve Kashulsky, another Occupational Therapist having a rehabilitation clinic in New York, originally from Kishinev. For Steve it was an impressive homecoming after 15 years away from Kishinev.
An exception was the fact that it was the 2nd purely pediatric mission, because during the 9 years (over 30 missions) of its presence in the country JHI has mostly been oriented to senior Hesed clients. However, after an extremely fruitful mission that served the NES summer camp for children with special needs a year ago, there was a request to JHI to extend the practice of examining and consulting children. Therefore, the current mission was held in collaboration with NES Jewish Family Service. Over 50 children and their parents received consultation not only in Kishinev, but also in Beltsy and Tiraspol.

Involved in the mission was also Center of Training and Professional Development. It could not be otherwise, as the mission members, as usual, provided 4 seminars to over 100 people. This time the audience included not only doctors, but also psychologists, speech therapists, physical therapists, social workers and parents, all of whom evaluated the seminars very high. Besides assisting the Jewish community, the JHI doctors provided working visits to 3 local NGOs, whose clients had a possibility to hear a second opinion and recommendations.

“A combination of training, consulting and home visits proves to be fruitful. About half of the children that the mission worked with had been seen by JHI doctors last year and we can state positive dynamics,” said Natalia Alhazov, JHI Coordinator for Moldova. “Our next mission is planned for September and will be of Geriatric profile.”