Greensboro – Beltsy: Happy to Meet Again

July 1-13, 2008 Greensboro Jewish Federation mission headed by Deborah Kintzing spent in Moldova. It was the 8th consecutive visit in the frame of the partnership Greensboro-Beltsy that is the most lasting and friendly for the local community.
As usual the program was diversified and very intensive. Our guests visited KJJC, got acquainted with the programs and projects supported by the Joint in Kishinev and Beltsy, made home visits to Hesed and NES clients.
Delegation members were impressed by the wonderful work done by the Jewish Family Service after visiting its Day center as well as by Hesed programs and JCC Museum of Bessarabian Jewry.

But “Delet-2008” as it was called this time – the family retreat became the climax of the two-week visit program. The mainstream thematic of the week became modern history of our Motherland – Israel. Day by day the participants of the retreat lived the first years of the State of Israel establishment, wars for its Independence, difficulties and successes and tried to understand the meaning of the Israel development and existence for all the Jews in the world.
“The retreat was like a beehive – somebody was painting, somebody -singing, somebody - dancing. We looked at the optimism and love of life ofthe Jewish people. We started the day with the tragic themes of the Israeli wars and finished with a happy and merry Jewish marriage. Am Israel Hai!” – said one of the retreat participants.
“We know that our partnership has a wonderful history and we believe it has a long and fruitful future”, told Deborah Kintzing.See you next year in Delet -2009!”