JHI in Moldova

Last week the next Jewish Healthcare International project mission visited Moldova. Doctors from Israel and USA: Galina Plotnickova, Leon Goldenstein, geriatrics specialists, Michael Serlin, infectious diseases specialist, Steve Shenfeld, psychiatrist, conducted seminars in Kishinev and periphery, made home visits to Hesed clients, met with doctors and Hesed Day Centers participants, visited psychiatric clinics and geriatrics centers in Beltsy and Kishinev.
Seminar in Tiraspol became especially productive. Number of participants exceeded the planned 1.5 times as many.
“It is rather difficult for us to invite foreign colleagues and this opportunity presented by JHI project is very helpful”, said Anatoly Negara, Republican Geriatrics Center Director.

Professor Anatoly Naku, the chief psychiatrist of Moldova, underlined importance of cooperation with Dr. Shenfeld.

“The present visit showed once again how important is experience of the foreign specialists, how interesting are the seminars”, said Natalia Alhazova, JHI coordinator in Moldova. ‘For the first time everybody received certificates after the seminars. Often doctors from Moldova do not have another possibility to upgrade their skills”.

The visit of the mission was described in the official newspaper “Moldova Suverana” (‘Independent Moldova’