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World Jewish Relief: Supporting Moldova Community

The World Jewish Relief is already constant and reliable partner of the Jewish community of Moldova. Recently the next mission from WJR visited Moldova.
Paul Anticoni, WJR Chief Executive Officer tells: “Jewish community in the Great Britain does not know much about Moldova and life in your country. We tell a lot about difficulties in the Eastern Europe to our donors. But it is better to see than to hear. That is why such visit was organized. Now our sponsors can see the real problems and real people who live here and receive assistance. They understand now that without Hesed and NES people could hardly survive especially in the rural settlements of Moldova. But we were surprised with the dignity and fortitude of people in such conditions. This is a good lesson for all of us as well.”

Mission members visited Kishinev and Beltsy, made home visits, and brought minibus for Beltsy community as it was done earlier for Kishinev NES and Hesed. During their visit to the KJJC they could see vividly the distribution of the humanitarian aid. Parents of the kids – NES beneficiaries – told many words of gratitude and wished to get more clothes and shoes for children as it is one of the most significant and important forms of help to the families.

Only during the last period of time WJR sent to Moldova nine tones of humanitarian aid in almost 1,000 of boxes with clothes, hygienic supplies, and shoes, and 40-tone container with beans that was distributed to members of the Jewish community as well as to the non-Jewish welfare partner organizations such as Day Rehabilitation Center “SOS-SPRIJIN”, Orphanage in Ignatei village, Association “Salvati Batrinii” (‘Let Us Save Our Elderly’), Association of NGO of Moldova, Association of World War II veterans, and many others.

“Thank you for the wonderful reception we have been given in Moldova”, wrote Richard Katz and Andrea Williams, WJR mission members, in the KJJC Guest Book. “We hope that when we go home we can work even harder to help you more.”