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Dr. Simhovich Business School: New Stage of Study

Young businessmen from Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus have passed the three-week seminar in Israel in the frames of MASHAV project supported by JDC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. Six of the participants represented Dr. Efim Simhovich Business School that besides theory foresees practical work including exchange of experience abroad.

The seminar program was composed of professional consultations, lectures and presentations dedicated to the issues of marketing, business-plan composing, productive efficiency, search for finances, business games, and visits to Techno Parks in Tel Aviv and Karmiel.

Dr. Simhovich Business School graduates underlined that the seminar gave a lot of impressions about the State of Israel, new methods of business management and solving economic and social problems.

“We would like to thank JDC and MASHAV Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, professor Maya Glasserman, Susan Goikhman and all other teachers and organizers of the seminar”,
said Svetlana Midrigan, lawyer and KJJC Center of Training Board Chair. ”And of course Dr. Efim Simhovich by whose initiative we got the opportunity to visit Israel.”