Diabetes under JHI Attack

The goal of the current JHI mission to Kishinev (February 23 - March 1, 2009) was launching an attack on diabetes, which was successfully completed. The team included four foreign specialists: three American doctors - Joshua Barzilay, endocrinologist; Linda Fields, podiatrist (treating diabetic foot); Don Werner, ophthalmologist and an Israeli nutritionist Liat Hadar. Over 330 people benefited by the provided lectures and presentations. The estimated number of 130 was more than doubled because JHI envoys, besides the usual program in the Jewish community, participated in the Session of the Moldovan Therapeutic Society headed by Prof. Liliana Groppa, which gathered 200 participants. The professor and her colleagues have been repeatedly collaborating with JHI and Kishinev Jewish community. At the present conference local doctors had an opportunity to learn about new research directions and the practices that are only starting being implemented in the USA.

Traditionally, as JHI missions have been doing it for practically 10 years, multiple seminars were organized by the CTPD (director Galina Karger) in KJJC and Heseds for doctors, medical nurses, and caregivers from Kishinev, Beltsy, Tiraspol, Bendery, Dubossary and Rybnitsa. Consulting to Hesed clients was provided in Heseds, Day Center and Warm Home. Simultaneously, the guests were introduced to the realities of Jewish life in Moldova through the presentation of KJJC by Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM Deputy Director, as well as meetings with Mickey Katsiff and Paula Lam-Haim, representing in Moldova JDC and JAFI correspondingly. Especially popular was a pilot seminar for the audience of diabetic patients, which was attended by 18 Hesed Yehuda clients from those registered in its database as having the disease. “There were so many questions that we couldn’t finish the seminar!” said Natalia Alhazova, JHI Coordinator for Moldova. “This form of direct educational communication with patients proved to be efficient and will be continued”. She concluded that the mission members enjoyed their time in Moldova both as professionals and as humans, which they expressed at the summation dinner after the visit to the Opening Concert of the Martisor Festival devoted to 625 anniversary of Moldovan statehood.