“Case of Richard Wagner”, a Unique Lecture at the KJJC

It was a kind of special visit to the KJJC – Iossi Tavor is the first Secretary of Israeli Embassy in Russia and Attaché on Culture in FSU, but he is also grandson of Kishinev rabbi.

Kishinev is not just an ordinary city for me, it is my second motherland”, confessed Iossi Tavor. “My father was born here; my grandparents were killed by Nazis. That is why I am excited giving lectures in Kishinev, in your wonderful and warm Jewish Home”.

Iossi Tavor is journalist and diplomat. He lives in Israel since 1971. This time he brought a provocative and interesting theme for lecture “Case of Richard Wagner”. Around 100 people including famous local musicians and musicologists, people who are fond of classic music gathered in the Theater Hall of the KJJC to listen and take part in discussion.

“I think it was a very curious and interesting meeting and theme”, said Marc, one of the guests. “We were happy to have an opportunity to meet with a so professional and intelligent lector. The lecture gave us a lot of food for reflection. We wish Mr. Tavor all the best in his activities and will always be glad to meet him again.”