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From Motherland to Motherland

Tatiana Babushkina-Vaintraub is a person with a complicated and special destiny. Born in Kishinev, she graduated with honors a prestigious local school and then moved to Romania to marry there a boy whom she knew by correspondence. In 1982 together with two daughters and husband’s parents they made a difficult for Chausescu times aliah to Israel. There she again started from zero. During these almost 30 years Tatiana, professional journalist and PR-specialist worked for Zionist Forum as Natan Sharansky’s press-secretary, headed campaigns of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak for the “Russian Street” of Israeli society. Now she leads the 1st in the state PR-agency “Glasnost”.

Tatiana came to see her friends and visit the graves of relatives, and KJJC could not miss a chance to meet with such a person. During the week of her stay in Moldova, Tatiana got a briefing about JDC activities by Mickey Katsiff (JDC Representative in Moldova), had a very productive meeting with the KJJC PR-Department, met with the wider community where told a lot of interesting facts about political life in Israel, social problems of new emigrants adaptation, and took part in JCC Family Shabbaton program outside of the city.

“I was happy to come back to the city of my dream where I was born,” said Tatiana Babushkina-Vaintraub. “And find my people prosperous, remembering our roots, to see Museum with rare exhibits and get acquainted with clever Jewish people who do their noble work”.