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WJR: New Level of Cooperation

In September the next humanitarian mission from the World Jewish Relief (WJR) organization came to Moldova from Great Britain.

As always the group had a very intensive and diversified program that started with direct immersion into the local community life – with two home visits to Hesed welfare center clients. The next day was dedicated to the visit to the town of Beltsy, the northern capital of the country with its 2,000 Jewish population. Acquaintance with welfare and cultural programs and personally people who organize and conduct the work and beneficiaries significantly impressed the guests.

Other days included informal meeting with the KJJC organizations Directors, tour of Kishinev Jewish places, but the climax was the visit to the KJJC where the group got an intensive briefing on KJJC programs and general situation in the community and took part in two important events: Gifts in Kind Distribution and joint project run by WJR and KJJC Center of Training and Professional Development.

Mickey Katsiff, JDC Representative in Moldova, Mr. Keith Shannon, Her Majesty Ambassador in Moldova, representatives of local Jewish and non-Jewish NGO who are beneficiaries of the WJR humanitarian mission for Moldova during the last 5 years, and Nygel Layton, WJR Chairman, on behalf of the delegation spoke during the official ceremony that anticipated distribution of hundreds of warm blankets and spectacles.

The ceremony was covered by several TV channels and news agencies of Moldova reflecting the importance of the ties between Great Britain and Republic of Moldova in general and between the Jewish communities of our countries in particular.

“I came to work in Moldova only in April 2009”, said Mr. Keith Shannon, the UK Ambassador in Moldova. “But I am impressed of how many connections there are between our countries. I would like to thank WJR for its significant support and welcome them back to Moldova again.”

“We deeply thank JDC and WJR for their assistance of elderly people”, underlined Ekaterina Krasnozhon on behalf of 2,500 retired members of Kishinev Union of Independent Pensioners. “We are excited with the fact that you think about us in spite of the space and borders that are between our countries. A deep bow to all of you!”

“Our visit to the KJJC is highly memorable. We have seen the wonderful work that goes on here”, wrote Nygel Layton in the KJJC Guest Book. “The programs are amazing and people are warm and friendly. It is our privilege to help and see our humanitarian aid being distributed. Thank you all and JDC for their wonderful work”.