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10 Years of Cooperation and Help

Jewish Healthcare International (JHI) is one of the organizations that render significant assistance to the Jewish community of Moldova. However, its anniversary was marked not only by the Jewish population but by many medical institutions and doctors of our country as well.

“JHI unites doctors from Israel, USA and other countries”, told Natalia Alkhazova, JHI coordinator in Moldova. “It is an NGO for which the main profit is in assisting people”.

JHI missions that come three times per year conduct professional trainings, explanations and educational work in various cities of Moldova, consult ill people, exchange experience with the local colleagues, meet with the leaders of the Jewish community and local officials.

“We are happy to collaborate for such a long period of time with Moldova medical community and Jewish organizations, first of all “Joint” as our main partner”, said Carole Kirschner, JHI Executive Director. “The huge meaning of our work is not limited by medical issues, I hope that it makes an important input in strengthening understanding and tolerance between people from various countries.”