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JHI in Moldova – Teaching to Live

On March 15-21, there was a current JHI (Jewish Healthcare International) mission in Moldova, which turned out to be very unusual and even special. It was definitely about the quality and not the quantity, as it was a one-man-mission, but the Man proved to be extremely efficient. Dr Leon Fay had written a guide for homecare workers which was translated into Russian by Hesed volunteer doctors Elena Deseatnicova and Octavian Cenusa and published as a 150-page book Homecare Workers: How to Help an Elderly Client. During the three 8-hour seminars the book was introduced to 98 caregivers from Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol, Bendery and Rybnitsa.

The coordinator of JHI in Moldova Natalia Alhazova shared with us the highlight of the seminars. Dr Fay started with the question to the participants: "What are you going to do, when you are 80?" He received various answers: "to read", "to enjoy the grandchildren", "to rest" and even "to get married". The presenter closed the seminar with two wishes - for everyone to live to 80 and more and to start fulfilling their plans NOW. Everybody left the seminar encouraged and smiling.