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Visit of the Year

On May 24 the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus was filled in by a special atmosphere. This day we hosted the Jacobs family members whose donation made the Campus possible almost five years ago.

Mrs. Joan and Mr. Irwin Jacobs headed the delegation and this time they brought their son Gary with his wife, son and daughter and daughter’s friend. The first point of the program was lunch with representatives of youth clubs and organizations of the Campus. Then our guests entered the Campus itself. It was not so easy to embrace all of dozens of rooms and programs active in the premises, but they could get at least a general picture of what is happening during a day in the KJJC.

Humanitarian aid distribution for elderly and vulnerable families, Day center for the homebound pensioners, after-school and pre-school programs for kids from families at-risk, special trainings for unemployed women and fundraising seminar for the Jewish professionals from Moldova peripheral towns, discussion about Holocaust meaning for the young generation, rehearsal for the International Day of Children, ballet dances and sport activities – all these programs attractive for hundreds of the Jewish community members – became a kind of stations for the two-hour tour of the Campus.

In the end about 100 people gathered in the yard of the KJJC to say farewell words to the Jacobs family.

“…On behalf of all the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus organizations’ directors, programs participants, guests of our Home we express our deepest gratitude to the Jacobs family who made a priceless and eternal contribution into development of not only their native state and city but of our community situated thousands miles far away from San-Diego”, sounded in the message. “…Five years ago Joan and Irwin Jacobs laid a commemorative capsule with a message for the next generations, and today our future leaders return you another capsule and take responsibility for the Jewish life continuation in this wonderful Center for many more generations ahead.”

In return Mr. Irwin Jacobs told that when he and his wife Joan came for the first time they just saw an old semi-ruined synagogue, but received a nice plan of the future Campus and met people who were ready to work in it. The second visit was timed to the Opening of the Campus in September 2005. They saw a nice building but it still was empty inside. And today they could see a full range of activities and programs, a lot of people who come to this wonderful Jewish Home. Mr. Jacobs promised to bring all his family members that include four kids and 11 grandchildren to visit our Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus.

“It has been a pleasure visiting the KJJC. I look forward to coming back and seeing the Center growth”, wrote Adam Jacobs, Irwin and Joan grandson, in the Guest Book. “All the programs have been very inspiring and exciting to see!”

And his father Gary added: “It has been rewarding and uplifting to visit the KJJC. The faces of people using the Center show the pride and community spirit that the KJJC creates.”