Goodbye, Friends!

For over three years a wonderful traditional Jewish family from USA stood in Moldova. Daria Fane worked at the USA Embassy in Moldova on position of the Head of Economic and Political Dpt., Rav Reuven Schlenker, her husband, and their two smart and fidgety kids Alexi and Bentsi.

During these years Daria and Reuven took part in all significant events of the local Jewish organizations – holidays of Purim and Pesach, Shavuot and Chanukah, days of Jerusalem and Israel, memorial days of Holocaust, they spoke on “Hevruta” sessions and inauguration of monuments on the places the Shoah tragedy in Moldova. And who will forget brilliant Reuven’s art exhibitions made in unique “Shiviti” manner.

Over 50 people, close friends, representatives of many organizations gathered on the Open Air area of the KJJC where a special program of farewell continued all the evening. Moving songs in Yiddish – so close to Reuven, in Moldovan, Russian, Georgian and Spanish – to recall Daria the countries where she had worked as a diplomat, and, of course, in English, warm words and symbolic gifts on behalf of the “Joint”, JCC KEDEM, Jewish Community Organization of Moldova, Jewish Congress of Moldova, Israeli Consulate in Moldova, tasty kosher leikehs, fruit, beer and wine made the party so unofficial and homey that people stood long after the program was finished.

“I want to express my esteem for the KJJC that plays so important role in the life of the Jews in Kishinev”, wrote Daria in KJJC Guest Book. “I wish you successes in all the programs. I want to say “Thank you so much” for this touching party. We will always remember our friends in Moldova where we felt as the full members of the community and family.”

“I promise we will come back. May be even in a year when we have vacations”, added Daria. “Why to go to Paris if we have so many friends in Kishinev!”