Meeting with UN Representatives

In the frames of going in Kishinev special Strategic Leadership Program seminar that is bringing together senior UNHCR staff working in countries like Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, the USA and Yemen JCC KEDEM was invited to serve an example of successful policy and achievements in the sphere of cooperation with other agencies. The UNHCR Representative in Moldova Mr. Peter Kessler addressed the leadership of the JCC “to help UNHCR’s senior managers see their own collaboration issues through the lens of the successful experiences of others who have similar issues in other contexts. The discussion should take place in the spirit of mutual learning about leadership and its challenges.”

The meeting with four representatives of UNHCR from the offices in Budapest, Genève and Brussels took place on June 21 at one of the KJJC conference rooms. Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel conducted the meeting and informed the guests about the strategy, problems and solutions, challenges and forms of cooperation both inside the KJJC and the Jewish community and with non-Jewish NGOs, international institutions, foreign embassies and governmental structures. The made a PPP with the brightest and most vivid examples of such joint programs and events ad answered many questions followed after the presentation. In the end of over 2-hour meeting the high guests visited Museum of the Jewish Heritage of Bessarabia.
“We just are astonished with the level and spectrum of programs you achieved during less than seven years”, confessed Mrs. Madeline Garlick coming from Brussels.
“We wish you only the best and are deeply thankful for such an interesting meeting and information we received”, added Mrs. Karen Gulick coming from Geneva.