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Day Center Opening

ImageFor the lonely elderly people who for years hadn’t left their apartments because of their health condition, the Day Center became the place where they found friends, comfort, love and care. As one of the Day Center clients said about Henry Posner III and his wife Anne Molloy, “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget”.

During the last 5 years the Posner family from Pittsburg,USA sustainably improved the life of elderly Jews in Moldova through their generous donations to the Day Centers throughout the Republic of Moldova. The Posner family has a history of collaboration with AJJDC and, therefore, the news that Henry Posner III and his wife Anne Molloy will visit Moldova again to inaugurate the Day Center in the Kishinev Jewish Campus spread as fast as the wind and brought a wave of excitement among the Day Center clients.
ImageThe Posners were accompanied by Jeffrey Finckelstein - the President of Pittsburg Federation, Michael Steiner - a representative of Pittsburg Federation, Rina Edelstein- a representative of Jerusalem JDC office, and Stuart Saffer – Moldova and Belarus JDC Country Director.
June 29 was the day when the Kishinev Campus opened its doors for Kishinev Day Center clients, representatives of all Jewish organizations and officials. According to a very old Jewish tradition, Mr. Posner nailed down a Mezuzah on the door stud of the Day Center. Then a memorial plaque was unveiled watched by the would-be “inhabitants”, which was a part of an important historical event in the life of the Kishinev Jewish community.
Mr. Posner was very impressed with the work that is being done to gather the major Jewish organizations under the same roof and offer the members of the Jewish community a place where they could easily identify themselves as Jews; he promised to come back and expressed his hope to find the Kishinev Jewish campus “alive”.