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Developing Partnership in the Community

On August 22 KJJC received a visit of the new 1st Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel in Moldova and Israeli Cultural Center – David Mamistvalov. David has experience of work and collaboration with the JDC and JAFI. With the family roots in Georgia, he lives in Israel for over 17 years. Last years he worked in Ukraine and now came to Moldova. 

Michael Shuv, JDC Director in Moldova, together with Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel, leaders of the JCC KEDEM, met the high guest, conducted presentation of the KJJC organizations activities and acquaintance with the programs.

David was impressed by spectrum of welfare, educational and cultural programs run by Hesed Yehuda, Jewish Family Service, Center of Training and JCC and the Museum of the Jewish Heritage, Hesed Day center in particular. He warmly congratulated everybody with the coming Rosh-ha-Shana and wished traditional sweet and good year.