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Seed of Friendship

The visit of the mission of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to Moldova in the period of September 11-15 left a warm trace in the hearts of the members of the Jewish Community of Moldova.

Goodwill and positive attitude brought to our country sunshine after a period of rampage in the sky. However, with the excitement and agitation felt in the air, the weather seemed quite insignificant! The entire Jewish community was on the edge of an important step in its development, as a body that wants to live and flourish. It was very important to cherish and share this moment with the people who cared and whose financial assistance had made a difference, made the dream of thousands of Moldovan Jews come true. A Jewish Home in the heart of the city! A place where each will identify themselves as a Jew and act in the true Jewish spirit was opened on September 13. The ceremony of Kishinev Jewish Campus Dedication gathered more than 280 people from all around the world. There was much behind the words of gratitude; if you could read the heart and mind of the people, you would find enlarged horizons, trust in tomorrow, and belief in bright future. The people of the Greater Toronto sowed a seed to grow into a powerful plant, and it is up to us to nourish it with love, care and devotion