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Meeting with Netanyahu at the KJJC

On Nov. 28 a special guest came to the KJJC. It was Iddo Netanyahu, Israeli physician, playwright and younger brother of the Prime-Minister of Israel. Of course, the meeting attracted a lot of people. Michael Finckel, who led the meeting, asked Iddo about the history of his family, his creative plans, impressions of Moldova, personal political and social thoughts about present and future of the State of Israel. Also people from the audience got the chance to ask questions. There many some about “Happy End” play that Iddo brought to Chisinau theatre festival, destiny of Yiddish culture and language, his preferences in literature, etc.
Iddo Netanyahu showed himself as a very intelligent, mild and deep personality who very politely but firmly expressed his position and views. In the end Stella Harmelina thanked Iddo for his time and meeting and granted a symbolic gift on behalf of the JCC KEDEM and Jews of Moldova.