Steve Edelstein, Federation Executive Director from Nashville, Tennessee:“ I am impressed…”

The car forced its way through the snow-covered roads from Iasi (Romania) to Kishinev (Moldova). This was the starting point of the January 15-19 visit of Steven J. Edelstein, the Executive Director of The Nashville Jewish Federation. During this time Mr. Edelstein had the opportunity to see the two major Jewish communities of the country – Kishinev and Beltsy.

He met with JDC and JAFI representatives, the HESED welfare center’s Day Center and in Jewish Family Service’s Mazal Tov program. He also made home visits to needy elderly and children.
However, most of all S. Edelstein was impressed by recently opened Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus. As he confessed: “I was most privileged to have visited Moldova and in particular to have seen your outstanding new community center in Kishinev…I am impressed with all you have accomplished.”