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“Jewish Healthcare International” Project – Seven Years in Moldova

It is the 7th year that JHI (Jewish Healthcare International) works in Moldova and there was a current JHI mission visiting the country on November 6-13, 2006.
The goal of JHI is to enhance the healthcare services to Jewish communities in need by utilizing teams of healthcare professional volunteers from Israel and the USA as well as to foster closer ties between the Israeli, American and host country medical communities. In Moldova JHI operates through the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee), Hesed Jewish Welfare Organization and JAFI (Jewish Agency for Israel), coordinated by Ms. Natalia Alhazova.

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An Interesting Scoop

On July 3 an American freelance journalist from New York City visited KJJC.
Ilia Shats, the Director of KJJC, was very pleased with Chuck Todaro's visit to the Campus and told him about our organizations and programs.
Mr. Todaro is very interested in Jewish life, and when visiting a new country he always tries to find information about the local Jewish community. After his trip around KJJC he asked some questions about Jewish life in Moldova, how it is developing after the Second World War, and how the situation is now.
Mr. Todaro was extremely impressed in the Campus and said, “It is a really wonderful and big resource. Judaism is a very interesting topic for me and it was great to come here, met the good people and learn about your programs and about Jewish life in Moldova”

JHI Mission: Healing Body and Soul

In the period of February 6-13, 2006 Moldova was visited by a JHI mission consisting of four cardiologists: two from Atlanta, GA: Mr. and Mrs. Lipsitt; and two from Israel: Nathan Roguin and Mark Gellerman. The group had a very busy schedule which included lectures at the Kishinev Cardiology Center, the Mother and Child Center, and lectures for Hesed homecare workers, doctors and volunteers in both Kishinev and Tiraspol. This wonderful group also had the opportunity to visit the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus, to get acquainted with its programs and organizations, to meet with the heads of JDC and JAFI in Moldova, and to take a tour of the city. Even more, in every place they left behind good spirits after giving great guitar concerts!    

Steve Edelstein, Federation Executive Director from Nashville, Tennessee:“ I am impressed…”

The car forced its way through the snow-covered roads from Iasi (Romania) to Kishinev (Moldova). This was the starting point of the January 15-19 visit of Steven J. Edelstein, the Executive Director of The Nashville Jewish Federation. During this time Mr. Edelstein had the opportunity to see the two major Jewish communities of the country – Kishinev and Beltsy.

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