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Seed of Friendship

The visit of the mission of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to Moldova in the period of September 11-15 left a warm trace in the hearts of the members of the Jewish Community of Moldova.

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Unique Experience

The visit of the JDC Board Mission to Moldova in the period of September 12-15, headed by the President of the JDC Ellen Heller, brought a wave of thrill among the staff of the local branch office and Jewish community.

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Greensboro Leadership mission

In August, 2005 Moldova was visited by members of the Greensboro Jewish Federation, North Carolina, USA, in the framework of Greensboro-Beltsy partnership.

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Day Center Opening

ImageFor the lonely elderly people who for years hadn’t left their apartments because of their health condition, the Day Center became the place where they found friends, comfort, love and care. As one of the Day Center clients said about Henry Posner III and his wife Anne Molloy, “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget”.

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